Can you say yummy in my tummy?  This breakfast bowl of poached eggs, quinoa, cheddar, arugula, and spicy sriracha sauce tops my list of complete breakfast meals that encompass everything good about home cooking: easy to make, ridiculously tasty, and super healthy.  Try this bowl out this weekend instead of going out for brunch and let me know your thoughts!  

I’m a big fan of using whatever’s in the fridge to throw together a warm breakfast that combines veggies and a protein (or 2).  I’ll eat some bacon here and there, but it’s really not great for you so I like to stick to complete proteins like eggs and quinoa to get my engine going in the morning.  The melty mix that results from runny, poached eggs coming together with warm quinoa, a hint of cheddar cheese, and a squirt of sriracha makes for a hearty base that combines great with the fresh bite of arugula leaves.  This comfort food is better than the traditional fare – it’s warm and tasty without wasting your day’s worth of calories in one sitting.   Let’s get to the recipe!

[tabgroup layout=”horizontal”] [tab title=”Ingredients”]1. 2 eggs, poached over easy

2. Handful of arugula leaves, washed and dried

3. 1 c. of dry quinoa, and 1/2 c. of cooked quinoa in the bowl (see below for further explanation)

4. 1/8 c. (or 2 tablespoons) of shredded or cubed sharp cheddar cheese off the block

5. As much sriracha as you please (it’s spicy, be careful)

6. Salt and pepper to taste

[/tab] [tab title=”Steps”]1. A single cup of dry quinoa makes way more than 1 cup when cooked, so use the extra for whatever you want, and 1/2 of cooked quinoa in your bowl. Cook your dry quinoa (you’ll have enough for a couple servings this way) by bringing the quinoa and 1 1/2 c. water to a boil. Season with salt, and once boiling, cover with a lid, reduce the heat to low and simmer for 15-20 minutes. Fluff with a fork and turn the heat off when your quinoa is ready (you should see these thin white semi-circles around every grain). Use caution when removing the lid as the pan will be incredibly hot and steam will pour out.

2. While your quinoa cooks, wash and dry a handful of arugula and chop or grate 1/8 cup (or 2 tablespoons) of sharp cheddar cheese.  Set aside.

3. Boil 2 cups of water in a small pan.  Once boiling, carefully crack 2 raw eggs directly into the boiling water.  75 seconds later, pull out the eggs using a slotted spoon to allow the water to drain, and rest on a paper towel.   Cooking the eggs for a little over a minute results in a well-cooked egg that has a runny yolk, but solid white exterior.

4. Put the breakfast bowl together by layering the following: warm quinoa at the bottom, cheddar cheese, arugula, poached eggs.

5. Top off the bowl with as many squirts of spicy sriracha as you like, then break the poached eggs so the yolk runs all over the bowl.  Stir everything together into a delicious mix-up and enjoy!


[/tab] [tab title=”Notes”]Serving Size: 1 Bowl (with extra quinoa leftover for more) Difficulty Level: Easy[/tab] [/tabgroup]