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Have you ever wanted to peek into my day?  Well, ya got your chance, and I have to say – it’s pretty fun.  I teamed up with my buddy Lara over at Days App (get the app here) to bring you 20 highlights throughout my day in photos.  I love the app – it’s such a cool way to bring your everyday story to life in a way that’s like Instagram but magnified! Document your own day on the App and leave your username in the comments so I can follow you and check it out!
I started my day with Lara in the NYC Flower District to put together some floral arrangements for a Daily Candy event that Revelry House (my lifestyle brand) did a demo at, and ended the day at the opening of the new Club Monaco store on 5th Avenue!  Check out my Day below!

  1. Hi Lo! I really like to see parts of your life. I love to see that you are still a beautiful energetic funny girl. I liked you since the first episode of Laguna beach. My username at the app is Salma23 It would be fun to see the difference between your life and my life as a student in the Netherlands. Xoxo

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