Holiday Giveaway #1: Gigi New York Bag


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[infobox bg=”red” color=”white” opacity=”on” subtitle=”The Hayden Bag – Gigi New York”] Holiday Giveaway Series – #1[/infobox]

The holidays are here, y’all and that means I’m not only gifting my family and friends special treats under the tree but you as well.  It’s my first year doing this giveaway series, but I’m hoping to be able to make it a yearly thing depending on how it goes this time around.  I’ve been inspired by the growth of my newly launch YouTube video and really want to give back to my subscribers, because it’s these rad people who are teaching me just how YT is done.  So…thank you!

Anyway, each week during the month of December I’ll be giving away 2-3 gifts to lucky subscribers of my channel.  Each gift is something I own and love (but the gift is new, obvs) and from a brand I’m obsessed with.  If you want to enter every giveaway that’s totally cool, you just have to enter them each individually.  I’m creating distinct landing pages for each giveaway so just watch my Holiday Giveaway Series videos each week to get the link and enter to win.

Now lets get to the first giveaway of the series!  I’m so pumped to be able to gift The Hayden Bag from Gigi New York to one of you lucky lovers.  I own this bag in black and use it constantly.  My computer fits inside so it’s really the perfect bag for both work and play.  The material has this rad snakeskin-like texture that really pumps up the look of the bag.  The Hayden that I’m giving away is burgandy and the perfect color for fall and winter.  I’m seriously obsessed and am considering getting it in this burgandy color as well.  Who knows…maybe we’ll match!

If you want to enter to win this bag please go to THIS LINK and follow the directions.  It’s pretty simple – subscribe to my channel and watch THIS video, tweet a little message for me (the message is in the link I provided) and give me your email addy so I can contact you if you’re the big winner.  Easy, no?

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you’re the big winner.  Stay tuned next week as I’ll announce the winner in the comments of the new giveaway video I upload on Wednesday, December 11, 2013.  Oh – and check out Gigi New York, follow them on Twitter @GiGiNYTweets and Instagram @GigiNewYork.

Big kiss – Lo

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