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This week, I’ve been getting a ton of questions about the YouTube vidoes I’ve been making for school so I figured I’d share the process with you.  Cooking on camera has been a brilliant learning experience for me and very enjoyable.  Let’s break it down…

First, I meet with Alison at The International Culinary Center to determine what types of vidoes we’ll be making for the next few weeks.  We like to choose topics that are centered around the level I’m in at school, reflective of techniques and recipes I’m learning at the moment.  We always try to highlight any Farm to Table experiences in the vidoes, as my program is Classic French + Farm to Table.  If you haven’t checked out my program yet – do so here.

Next, I schedule a shoot date with Brecht – my guy who shoots and edits my vidoes.  He is a great director and very experienced.  I shoot and edit my lifestyle vidoes for YouTube but I need another hand in the kitchens as I demo so he always shows up, cameras, lights and mics in hand.

The day of a shoot I pick up my food order from the 5th floor storage room.  Alison orders exactly what I need to get my demos done.  I bring everything down to the kitchen we’ve reserved to shoot in and I get started on my prep work.  I always shoot after my class for the day, so I frequently start around 4 and am done around 9pm.  It’s always a long day, but well worth it.  Good practice for being in a kitchen all day. 🙂

I shoot the videos almost simultaneously.  I start one video, get food cooking and while it cooks I shoot the intros for the follow up video.  We normally film 4 videos per shoot so making it happen is definitely all in the timing.  Shooting multiple vidoes in one shoot is called a “gang shoot”.  Sounds bad-ass, oui?

We like to shoot from multiple angles to create the best video possible.  Up-close and wide shots, making sure the capture all the ingredients I’m using at the start and a shot at the end of the finished product.

It’s a part of my experience at The ICC that is definitely unique to other students, but I love participating and contributing in a way that is my own.  More than anything I love to share my experiences with all of you, and hope you’ve been learning some of the techniques and tricks I have during my time here.

I’m currently in Level 4, aka “Family Meal”.  We prepare lunch for the 300 staff and student body that roam the halls of The ICC.  More about Level 4 on Thursday.  Til then…