So check it, ladies – summer is here and that means you should treat your skin with the respect it deserves.  You only get one shot!  With that in mind, I’m so happy to bring you a great giveaway from my all-time favorite skincare line Dermalogica!  If you’ve seen any of my skincare vids on YT, you know that I’m basically their #1 fan girl. I’ll be giving away 5 of the following 2 gifts (so 10 winners total), the first focusing on keeping your skin protected in the hot summer sun and the second making sure your skin is acne-free and gorgeous.  Also very exciting, Dermalogica is offering 10% any purchase using code BOSWORTH through June 30, 2014! Enter to win at the bottom of the post!


Daylight Defense Giveaway

Included in the Daylight Defense Giveaway is the Protection 50 Sport Sunscreen (full obsession, watch the vid to find out why) and the After Sun Repair (smells delish).  Also, you get that cute orange tote to throw your beach gear in!


Clear Start Giveaway

This Giveaway includes the Dermalogica Clear Start system that controls acne, reduces redness, eliminates dry skin and shine!  I use the Clear Start system every day to battle the elements – hormones, pollutants, make-up…you name it.  I like to think of the Clear Start System as like taking a spa vacay for your face every single day.



If you’d like to enter to win, please fill out all entries on the following form specifying Daylight Defense or Clear Start.  I’ll be in touch with the winners on Wednesday, June 18th!  Good luck, skincare lovers!

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