Summer Make-Up G.R.W.M


Summer is here so why not Get Ready With Me?! Today’s look is all about being a bronzed babe, with lovely contouring, bold eyebrows and a sheer, berry lip. Also important – using a foundation that won’t melt off your face but provides enough coverage to even out your skin tone.
Hope you love today’s look! Products in the video are featured below, the NARS blush is in “Paloma” and the NARS lip gloss is “Sixties Fan”.


Summer Get Ready with Me Products

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  1. Hi Lo,
    Just stumbled upon your blog and channel (where have I been?!) and I’m obsessed! Great videos and tips! I’m a huge Nars fan too, their products are fantastic. I just started my own blog a few months ago. It’s such a fun hobby!

  2. Today
    Me: Hi, mom!
    Mom: Why do you look prettier today? 😐
    Me: Uh, I bought all of a blogger’s recommended products…..wait, what do you mean “prettier”?! >:-(

    I guess I’m prettier now. Thanks! The end. :-/

  3. Hi Lo ✌️ i love love looooove you so much and i’m absolutely hooked on your videos! I’d like to try the nars foundation you are using but in Germany you can’t buy it so I need to order it on the internet. I’m not sure which shade I should take but I think we have the same skin tone, which one do you use? it would be so great if you could help me. xo Kate

  4. Hi Lo! I have the same problem with melasma. Have you found any products that have helped to lighten those areas? Thank you:)

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