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[infobox subtitle=”Hack-Free Summer Lashes” bg=”black” color=”white” opacity=”on” space=”30″ link=”no link”]Watch on Wednesdays[/infobox] When the heat turns up, my eyelashes never seem to follow suite.  The humidity and temperature makes my make-up melty instead of luminous and for years I’ve lugged my eyelash curler around with me for touch-ups throughout the day.  What are some of my other mascara hacks that keep everything in place, and my lashes long and lovely? An application of powder directly under my eyes helped to prevent smudging, and reapplying my mascara to pump up the volume every couple of hours also sort of did the trick.

Hacking your way throughout the day is never fun though and I’m always on the hunt for fabulous new beauty products (you should see my collection of random stuff around my house) that cut down on the time it takes me to get ready.  I was recently introduced to a new mascara made by Lancôme that I’ve been crushing on hard ever since – the formula is called Lancôme Grandiôse and it’s built with a bent wand to aid in application.

I started using this product earlier this summer and from Day 1 I’ve been able to maintain the open look of my eyes and lashes without the usual hacks I’ve used to keep everything lookin’ right.  It doesn’t smudge, it doesn’t flake off, my lashes stay curly, and each lash looks really defined instead of weighed down by product.  I’ve combined the Lancôme Grandiôse mascara with some of my favorite NARS Matte Multiples to create a perfect look for an early summer evening in this video.  Some other products I think would go well are below also! #startbending


Summer Evening Products

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