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My beauties! Since releasing my nail polish collection video last week I’ve been toying around with the idea of launching my own line of polish more than ever. I’m quite thrilled at the prospect, but want to make sure that the line I release will be exactly what you ladies (and super fashionable dudes?) are looking for.

I’d love to invite you along on this journey with me. I’m starting at Square 1 with a simple survey to find out what you guys like and how you want to shop. From there I’ll plan an exclusive sale to preview the first run of the product and then…sky’s the limit! If you’d like to get involved, please take THIS SURVEY!

You’re the best.  Love you long time.  Let’s do this!

  1. This is so exciting, Lo! I’ve taken your survey, I hope it works out. It’d be so interesting to see which colors you would create for your line 🙂 Good luck girl! xx from Switzerland

  2. Hi girl! I love the idea of you launching a nail polish line. I mean you say: ‘Lo’, everybody says: ‘nail polish, essie or at home mani’.
    Big hug from the Netherlands

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