[infobox subtitle=”Beautyrest Black” bg=”black” color=”white” opacity=”on” space=”30″ link=”no link”]ZZZZZZzzz[/infobox] They don’t call it getting your beauty sleep for nothing, now do they?  Sleeping is my #1 favorite activity, probably because historically I’ve always been a bit of an insomniac, so when it happens, it’s truly bliss.  As I get older I’ve noticed that the difference between a good and bad nights sleep has a remarkable effect on my daylight situation, from my brain functionality to the way my skin looks.

I’m all about improving my sleep, and I realized one day recently that the way that I feel about my bed could make a huge change in my ability to sleep well through the night. I’ve always loved sleeping in a fantastic hotel bed – the super comfy mattress, amazingly soft sheets and smushy pillows.  The experience is luxurious and calming.  How the bed looks and feels really sets the tone for the sleep session ahead of me.  So with taking good care of myself in mind, I decided a bed make-over was in order!

It’s been an embarrassingly long time since I got a new mattress, and with an upcoming move to a new apartment in January I figured I’d treat myself to a brand new bed situation that will last me for the next few years.  Enter the Beautyrest Black, the crème de la crème of high-end mattresses, perfect to rest your head on night after night.  It has a bunch of fancy, schmancy features I’m loving since I got the mattress home: Sleep Climate Surface Technology to keep you cool, Micro-Diamond Infused Aircool Memory Foam to support your back, and Advanced Coil Technology to release pressure throughout your body.


After sleeping on this baby for the past few weeks, I’m able to put it simply: the mattress is a dream.  My bedroom feels zen-like and calm when I walk in for bed now, knowing that I have an amazing mattress to help me sleep soundly.  My sleep has improved and I’ve been waking up feeling, well…beautiful!  Sleeping on a cloud has always been a fantasy of mine, and I’ve definitely achieved that dream-like state for myself with this Bed Make-Over.

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