Black Combat Boots, Baby


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Hey, ho, hey, ho.  I got some new boots and I’m basically freaking out.  I mentioned last week that I spent all my rent money on a new pair of Saint Laurent Patti Boots; today I’m sharing them with you all in their glory.  Combats are the best, a truly versatile shoe and a critical element of my year-round wardrobe.  I wear them with dresses, shorts, long pants, baggy pants, no pants…you get the gist.


These Patti Boots are of the black crocodile leather variety, but they also come in a chic plain black leather.  I figured since I was really going for it I’d get the crocs.  Why not, amirite?




You can count on me to wear quite a bit of black , especially the moment the thermometer drops below 70.  Since fall came to town I’ve jumped right into the blackness, combining all my favorite pieces together to create a modern, but understated look when I head out the door.  I’m combining a basic, long sleeved black cotton dress from Reformation with my Crepe Duster Jacket I previewed last week.  I love the shape of this coat.  Very modern.


Also – I CHOPPED OFF MY HAIR.  Did you notice? 🙂


I’ve had this Hayden Bag from Gigi New York since last fall, but haven’t worn it in ages.  I really love it – it fits my Macbook Air and all the other crap I need to get through my day once I leave my apartment.  Another bonus?  It matches mama’s new shoes!



My minion-esque sunglasses by Triple Graces are super fun.  Definitely a fun pair to bring into the rotation every couple of days.  I think they go better with this look than my black Ray-Ban Aviators.  A bit more downtown, no?


This is me doing my best Rita Ora impression with the hair and the make-up and everything.  Happy Monday, y’all.  Hope you’ve been inspired to rock some boots with your all black errthang!  I’ve pulled some pieces below to get you going.  Leave your comments on how you feel about this look and check out the other pieces I’m Currently Coveting here.

Photos by Chris Klemens.
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  1. Who takes your pictures?? So gorgeous….
    Can you do a post about what life is like in New York and some of your crazy experiences??

    Check Me Out!!!!!!


  2. 1. ily. 2. Can you please do a post about what boots are going to be in style this fall (maybe even down to the rain boots), other than your killa combats? It’s shoe shopping season (okay, when isn’t it), so I want to be sure to make good choices!

  3. Beautiful look! I also must ask you, are you sporting a fake tan in these pictures? If so, could you tell us what brand/type? Or maybe do a video on it? Thanks!

  4. I love it the whole outfit! I was walking around the mall and found a similar pair and passed them up because i wasn’t sure I knew how to style them but now I feel I need to go back! Thanks for the style inspiration 🙂

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