My Hair Make-Over

[infobox subtitle=”Cut and Color” bg=”black” color=”white” opacity=”on” space=”30″ link=”no link”]LOB IT[/infobox] I’ve been wanting a short ‘do ever since spring ended, but figured I had to wait til the fall to get through the hair-damaging summer months of chlorine and sunshine.  The moment fall hits NYC everyone’s style changes overnight…gone are the sundresses and sandals.  Black, booties, scarves, and coats are immediately brought back into the rotation, along with super chic hair styles to welcome the season.

Summer has gone bye-bye, and with it – my long hair.  I’m so excited about my new blonde lob…it’s so easy to style I can practically roll out of bed with it, pomade the ends up a bit and call it a day.  The artist Riawna Capri did the cut at her salon, 901.  She avoided a blunt cut and instead cut the bottom into pieced sections for an un-done look.  The length is even all around, with no layers.  Just as long in the front as it is in the back!

Justin Anderson from Chris McMillan did the color next.  I wanted an all-over blonde, single process color but after talking it through with him we decided that leaving my roots dark and brightening up the ends a ton would be a good way to go in regards to maintenance.  The final look is edgy and downtown chic all at once.  The perfect cut and color for me!



Hope you guys like the new ‘do and are inspired to lob it yourself!  Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. sooooooo cute!!Can you do a tutorial on the different types of hairstyles you can do with short hair??
    I have short hair and theres only limited styles I can do…


    Check me Out if you’d like


  2. Fantastic cut and style (all around)! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog. You have convinced me to chop my tresses, though I’m not sure how well this style will work on my wavy (and sometimes frizzy) hair. Perhaps an appt with Riawna is in order. Thanks for sharing your hair journey with us!

  3. As always, I copied your look and totally chopped my hair off last night because of your vid. I’m obsessed. So easy to style. Chic, edgy, messy all at the same time. Thanks Lo!

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