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It’s a given that great fashion comes with great sacrifice. I have, one too many times, ignored the blistering pain from walking all day in heels, spent my paycheck against better judgment, and declined truffle fries for the sake of calories. Okay, maybe the latter less so then the rest. But still, I grin and bear it in exchange for style because being fabulous, as we all know, comes with a price.

Enter fall, my favorite season—the season of very little compromise.

  1. You can wear more because it isn’t 90-something degrees out.
  2. The outfit can be elaborate because chances are you won’t be sweating.
  3. That sweater, knitwear, whatever you have on is oh-so-soft and hugs you (stylishly) with more affection than your significant other.

I know, sigh with me. Naturally, my virtual shopping carts have been piling up with excessive amounts of comfy knitwear. Let’s take a look, shall we?

ICB Slouchy

ICB’s Slouchy Back Pullover is to die for. Definitely coveting the rad crop-top-low-back cut. Tip: The hemline of a sweater can help define your look.

Thakoon Loop Fringe Cardigan Jacket

Thakoon’s Loop Fringe Cardigan Jacket, I’ll admit, isn’t for everyone, but what a statement piece it is! Tip: A (glaring) hint of texture will add pop to an otherwise monotonous outfit.

Minne Rose Cashmere Ruana Poncho

Ponchos, too, are an acquired taste. Minnie Rose’s Cashmere Ruana Poncho, will help anyone’s transition from summer kimono to fall cover-up. Tip: It has just the right amount of fabric NOT to drown you out.

Alexander Wang Bubble Wrap

Texture, color, hemline—what’s not to love about Alexander Wang’s Bubble Wrap Pullover? Tip: A play on prints and patterns can make a noticeable difference.

Rag & Bone Charlize Cashmere

Ugh! Wrap me up in Rag & Bone’s Charlize Cashmere Cardigan! Tip: If all else fails, try experimenting with length.

Should I be hoarding anything else? Let me know!

 (Sweater Weather image via Tumblr)

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