Hang Loose


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Looking a little bit fancy, a little bit downtown, and a little bit relaxed all at once?  There’s nothing bettter!  Enter this look I wore for a Thursday evening of shopping in Soho, post-work and pre-cocktail.  Hang loose, ya feel me?



I’ve combined a number of my favorite pieces here: strappy sandals by Schutz, loose black paints with a tailored waist by Zimmermann, a black long-sleeved top by Eileen Fisher, and a very soft Calypso vest to keep me warm from the chill.


A loose black outfit with a bit of tailoring at the ankle and waist is universally flattering, especially with a delicate heel that shows some skin on the foot. Getting dressed is all about where the eye goes, and these pants, despite being loose create a feminine shape that pairs well with a crop top or shirt that’s tucked in.


I just love these shoes.  Also, my toes are crazy from years of dancing en pointe.  Don’t hate on my toes!


Rockin’ some light purple LC by Lauren Conrad shades.  Thanks for these, GF!



Love how my shades match my Python clutch.  Who knew purple, brown, black, and gold could look so pretty together?


I’ve had this bag for years.  There isn’t a label inside and I can’t remember where it came from.  I use it on special occasions when an outfit needs a hip jolt of something special to take it to the next level.


Birthday girl, OUT.  Have a great day, everyone!  Big kiss.

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  1. big fan of yours but is it really necessary to wear and feature real fur? So not cool or chic, especially when there are many amazing faux pieces now.

  2. I’m sorry Lo, but if you want to be a role model and an adult you should know, that promoting to wear fur is just WRONG! I know “fashion icons” don’t care but believe me, there are young naive girls who want to be like you and they really need someone who knows and does better than that!
    I wish you a happy belated birthday and hope in your next year you’ll stop supporting this cruel industry!

  3. Why is my comment deleted?!
    This does not make a good impression when you only leave the ones without critics or anything. I’ve no problem with Lo, I just think it’s wrong to wear and support real fur!!

    1. Hi Teresa,
      Both of your comments were simply pending. Our commenting software sometimes holds comments that are long in a queue until we can confirm that they aren’t spam. Thank you for the support and we appreciate your comments.


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