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As a graduate of The International Culinary Center and a big supporter of culinary educations of all kinds, I’m totally into Salted – a new video cooking school that recently launched that brings videos of the pros and their skills directly to your computers.  If you’re learning the basics, eager to raise your existing skills to the next level, or want to perfect a particular technique or recipe joining Salted may be a good option for you.  It’s affordable and easy to do on your own time.

Starting at $9.99 a month, your membership gives you access to the entire tutorial library of videos ranging from the super basic (“How to Boil Water” ) to the more advanced (“How to Butcher a Lamb”).  There are Skills, Recipes, Chef Highlights, and full Courses designed to bring your level of culinary expertise up, up and away.

What’s really nice about Salted?  The quality of the videos.  They’re beautifully shot, well edited, and truly feature all the important stuff ya gotta know when entering the kitchen.

Give Salted a try for FREE for 3 months on me using code: thelodown3.  You may even see some videos from yours truly up on the network very soon.


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