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Pink introduced us to it first, followed up by Kelly Osborn, Katy Perry, and even more conservative gals such as Rachel McAdams, which is our clear indicator this trend is big. A few years ago shades of blue, green, pink in your locks might label you as punk, but we know better than that now. Pastel pink hair has even made its way to the pages of Vogue, and celebs wearing turquoise tips on the red carpet, proof again that this trend has officially gone mainstream.

First thing to do before jumping on this bandwagon is to select a color that best suits your natural coloring.

pastel hair Now that you have a color, do you want to do a full head? Tips? Streaks? Permanent or wash out? It all really comes down to personal taste and lifestyle. Maybe you have a create job that wouldn’t mind a full head of pink hair in the office, or maybe you just want to do something different for a night out. Either way there’s something for you.

Brands such as BLEACH London have monopolized on this hair trend. They offer a wide selection of pastel color dyes, all of which wash out in 2-10 washes depending on your hair. Everything from peach, purple to aquamarine can be purchased on their website.

Kevin Murphy Color Bug is perfect for the girl who is looking for just a tiny touch of color that washes out in 1-2 washes.

Seagull Hair Salon in New York City is for the gal ready to make take the plunge into full on color. Because permanent all over color can be a touchy matter, it’s best to leave this one up to the professionals.

Now get out there and be COLORFUL!

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