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When it comes to nail polish, the word “love” is an understatement. Here at the Lo Down, “obsessed” is more fitting– take it from our lovable founder whose covetable nail polish collection is one of dreams (and who has plans to create her own collection!).

We don’t discriminate against colors or textures, but we are constantly on the lookout for the best new shades. Don’t worry– we aren’t ones to keep this valuable information under wraps. To your heart’s delight, we’re here to bring you the best fall nail polish to rock this 2014 season.

Right now, we’re obsessing over:

Essie’s “For the Twill of It” and “Limited Addiction”

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Marc Jacobs’ “Opaque Bright Tomatoe Red”

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Chanel’s “Eastern Light”

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O.P.I.’s “Lost on Lombard”

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Alexa Chung’s Fabric Effect collection for Nails Inc.  in “Silk,” “Cashmere,” “Lace” and “Sequins”

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Butter London’s “Matte Finish Shine Free Top Coat”

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Topshop’s “Domestic Goddess”

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Estee Lauder’s “Barre,” “Burnished Nude,” and “Lust”

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Dior’s “Carré Bleu 796”

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Deborah Lippmann’s “Take The ‘A’ Train”

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What color will your nails be rockin’ this fall? Share in the comments below!

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  1. For the fall I love anything darkened. Example; dark purples, dark reds, dark blues. BUT, I also like muted greyish purples and blues. I’m a total sucker for wearing colors for the holidays. Since it’s October, I’ll be rocking out some black and purples, and even oranges for Halloween. Currently rocking and loving this textured polish from Forever 21 from a couple years ago…it’s like a burnt copper with different holographic glitters. LOVE!

  2. I am in love with “Pretty Poison” by CND Shellac! I got it at my last gel mani appt and it is perfect for fall. A dark green with tiny, slightly shimmery, gold flecks. That Marc Jacobs color is gorgeous!

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