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Halloween is 19 days from today but who’s counting? Um, we are! Halloween prep at The Lo Down, to be truthfully honest, starts early—like the day after Halloween early. We are constantly striving to outdress and outdo last year’s costumes (and each other).

Not a die-hard fan of Halloween? We sympathize. Too much pain goes into finding and crafting the right costume. Is it worth the time, energy, and headache(s)? We don’t know. We think so? We tend to go all in. But hey, our pain is your gain! We’ve scoured the internet for trusty outfits suitable for multiple wear. Really though, they have no expiration date. You can wear it on and after Halloween because ain’t nobody got no moolah to buy fashionable outfits they’ll only wear once.

Enticed? The clothes are right this way ↓ MuahHaHAHAAAA!

Black Milk Clothing

Black Milk ClothingIt’s no secret we’re obsessed with this Australian fashion label. Cruella de Vil, not-your-average-mummy, Khaleesi-inspired, Alice in Wonderland, mermaid? Yea. Doesn’t get better than that.

Sweater Game
Oasap SweatersFor you all lazy bums, we’ve prepared nothing less than extraordinary. Osap‘s got some great throwbacks like these Andy Warhol-eqsue Marilyn, old school Nintendo, Adventure Time Jake, and Bugs Bunny sweaters. Seriously though, props to prioritizing east coast weather over skimpy outfits.

Modcloth Statement Socks
ModCloth SocksGoing for the low-key approach? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered as well. Nothing screams spirited in a subtle way like these shark, elephant, sheep, kitten, and owl love-professing socks.

Rainbows and Unicorns
60’s swag? That’s right up our alley (and Unif’s). Halloween’s a great excuse to buy the platform jellys, magical unicorn tanks, tie-dye dresses and tees you’ve been eyeing! Trust us, rainbow is somehow always in.

Edgy BloggerAsosSo you’ve settled it—Halloween but not Halloween. Dress up but not dress up. Why not wear your own interpretation of Black Swan or Wednesday from the Addams’ Family? Prefer a more If you laid back look? These ASOS cobweb hand harness, bat print sweatpants, and spooki tees might just help you achieve the give-a-$h*!-but-not-really look.

This Is How We Do It: Grown-Up Style
Batoko Tees

NEN: No explanation needed. These Batoko Hallow MouseIt’s Called Fashion, Junky Fries, No Filter, Hallow Rose tees are simply the right about of cool.

Itching for more? Our Halloween Fashion Part 2 comes out next Monday. Stay tuned!

(Cover image via DeJoost)

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