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Yes, blueberries are delicious and chia seeds make a fabulous pudding.  Pumpkin if perfectly delicious in both sweet and savory dishes and kale is so popular that people are naming their young pups after it.  All well and good, and all super foods I’m obsessed with.  But – the time has come for the introduction of some newbies into our diets.  Below is the list of my favorite new super foods!

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Beet Juice

Raw beetroot juice is a super food!  It’s full of antioxidants, minerals and is easy (but a bit messy) to extract from raw beets in a juicer. The taste is fairly mild and a bit sweet.  I love it!



Salsify is also known as the Oyster Root because it tastes a bit like an oyster.  You use the root like a starch – mashed, fried up, or baked.


Black Rice

Black Rice is better for you than both brown and white white.  Full of antioxidants, they help with muscle recovery.



What’s teff?  It’s the world’s smallest whole grain.  Make porridge with it – it’s gluten free!

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