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Pauline Darley She Has Waited Too Long[infobox subtitle=”Bewitchingly Bold Looks” bg=”orange” color=”black” opacity=”off” space=”30″ link=”no link”]Get Yo Game Face On[/infobox] We all know that a little makeup goes a long way. A lot of makeup? Well, that goes an even longer way on Halloween. With just one more week to go, we’re bringing you the best beauty looks for your big night out. Still undecided about a costume? Fret not. Let these freaking fresh faceovers be your guide!

Lichtenstein and Oh-So-Fine

Art smart is attractive. Soo attractive. Here’s your opportunity to give that art history lecture on Lichtenstein. We love how Shannon opted for white dots instead of the red ones. A little more pop art and a little less chicken pox, don’t you think?


LA makeup artist, Chrisspy, slays in this skeleton-inspired look. That’s it. ‘Nuff said.

 Bring Back the ’90s

Who doesn’t miss mood rings, neon wind breakers, G-Shocks, bleached hair, and turtlenecks? Want to go as something simple, but not too simple? Bring back the ’90s! Watch Jaclyn as she one-ups Avril Lavigne and Taylor Momsen while rocking out to some sweet, sweet tunes.

I’m a Khaleesi

Definitely one of our favorite Michelle Phan makeup tutorials. She captures Daenerys Targaryen in all her flawless glory. The best part? Michelle teaches you a trick or two on how to make the look natural and believable.

Part of Your World

Taylor, here, shows you how to reel in them boyz. Her grown-up version of ariel is sexy-gory, complete with life-imitating fish scales. We’re hooked 😉

 The Animal Look (Done Right)

This. Because someone, somewhere always goes for that ultra-revealing-LBD-animal-ear ensemble. Hi girlie! Yes, you! Here’s your chance to do it right. No, cat eyes don’t cut it. Take a page from Sheling’s book.

Happy Friday, and happy practicing!

(Cover image via DeJoost)

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