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Photo: Lo Bosworth
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October 31st! It’s finally here, and Instagram is abuzzin’ with Halloween magic. Before going out and celebrating, take a note of these Halloween-lovers– they’re the best around.

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M.A.C. Cosmetics

What says Halloween in the most musical way? Rocky Horror Picture Show, of course! Paying tribute to this cult classic, M.A.C. recently announced their collection to honor the film’s 40th anniversary on Insta. Celebrate by doing the Time Warp (and treating yourself to a lipstick… or three)!

Photo: MAC Cosmetics

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L’Oreal Paris USA

L’Oreal Paris teaches us how to be a fierce feline with a smoky eye, purple lips and the darkest mascara fit for the darkest night. Lazy-girl Halloween while still looking amazing? We’re all about it.

Photo: L'Oreal Paris USA

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Amber Nail Salon

Cobwebs, blood stains, black cats, pumpkins and ghosts galore. Nails as festive as this spooky holiday? Check.

Photo: Nail_Amber

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Keiko Groves

Hedwig and the Angry Inch took Broadway by storm. Keiko Groves is doing the same with her Hedwig beauty tutorial. L-O-V-E.

Photo: Keiko Groves

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The Collecteur

Giulia Scalese is The Collecteur, a photographer who collects chic garments, accessories and props.  An Instagram favorite, she later assembles them into still lifes. We’re monster mashing with happiness over this vibrant Halloween collection.

Photo: The Collecteur

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Karen Elson

Supermodel Karen Elson can rock any outfit and look amazing, but sometimes it’s best to stick with a classic. Talk about beauty!

Photo: MissKarenElson

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A Beautiful Mess

It’s the year of the feminist (thank you Beyoncé, Emma Watson and Lena Dunham), and Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess are celebrating by featuring a feminist classic, Rosie the Riveter, portrayed by MarinyKoolWe can do it, indeed!

Photo: ABeautifulMessOfficial

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Warby Parker

And the award for the most spirited company goes to… Warby Parker! We’ve loved seeing what the Warby employees dressed up for this Halloween, but our favorite costume by far was Jared Leto. Someone please hand them a real Academy Award for this winning ensemble…

Photo: WarbyParker

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Christine H McConnell

We love Halloween as much as we love our cake (a lot). The super talented Christine McConnell dreamed up this eerie and equally delicious dessert for the occasion. Can you say “gimme?”

Photo: Christine H McConnell

Happy Halloween darlings! Share your spooky adventures with us in the comments below.

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