The Lo Down Guide to Halloween


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Over the last several days, we’ve shared several different guides on creating the spookiest Halloween yet, and, after all of the excitement, it’s finally here! Happy Halloween, ghouls!

Whether you’re still struggling to come up with a Halloween costume or have your outfits figured out, keep on reading for some last minute tips for tonight.

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Tip #1: You Can Wear Outfits More Than Once 


Be green, help out the earth this Halloween! We all have those clothes in our closets that easily transform into boo-tiful ensembles. Make sure to check out our very first Halloween (can you believe that was 19 days ago?) post for some inspiration!

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Tip #2: You Can Be An Icon 

Halloween Fashion Part 2

Fashionistas, artists and actors in the house? Recreate some of the most iconic looks this Halloween. You can be anyone you want (really!). Karl Lagerfeld, Bill Cunningham, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Neal Caffrey, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Audrey Hepburn, Josephine Baker and Anna Wintour. The world is yours for the taking.

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Tip #3: Show Your Bones


This Halloween, don’t be afraid to go nude (not in the way your thinking!), and show your bones with a skeleton outfit. You’ll need some MAC Chromacake, several different brushes and our amazing skeleton make-up tutorial. Your bones will be dancing all night!

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Tip #4: You’ve Still Got Time


It may be October 31st, but you’ve still got a couple of hours! With a few dollars, you can party until the morning light (and protect yourself from all those germs– Ebola we’re looking at you). Onesies, masks, headpieces and bags to the rescue!

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Tip #5: Throw a Party


Yum! Make sure to keep these spooky cocktails on the bar cart for tonight’s party.

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Make sure to check out the full guides if you need some more help: Outfits You Can Wear More Than Once, Dress Like Fashion’s Best, Recreating Fashion Icons, Skeleton Make-Up Tutorial, and Last-Minute Hallowear

Happy Halloween! May your night be spooky-full! Let us know how you’re spending tonight in the comments below.

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