car-gifts-girl-pink-presents-Favim[infobox subtitle=”Gifts Worth Every Penny” bg=”pink” color=”white” opacity=”off” space=”30″ link=”no link”]Nifty & Thrifty[/infobox] Short on dough, tight on cash? No problemo. Like, what type of blog would we be if we didn’t feature an under $25 gift guide? Rhetorical question—don’t answer that.

In short, we hate mourning over bank statements just as much as the next person. Frugality for the win! Really though, why spend what you don’t need to spend?

So, without compromising quality or taste, we’ve scoured the internet for yaw-dropping inexpensive gifts. Oh you know, amazing THOUGHTFUL holiday somethin’ somethin'(s) for the special people in your lives.

Excited? Ya, we can’t quite contain ourselves either. Consider this your how-to on spending money efficiently.
Barbuzzo Shhh MugExhibit A: This $10 coffee mug for the grump who can’t live without coffee.

Bow JewelryExhibits B and C: Wrapping-inspired bracelet and earrings, $13 and $8 respectively, for the holiday enthusiast.

Kale BeanieExhibit D: The perfect $18 kale beanie for a basic b!tch.

StuffExhibits E and F: A $20 trinket tray and a $18 cosmetic bag for the girliest of all girly girls.

2d76c4363b546090e366a7e596ee13c2Exhibit G: $14.95 slippers for the blogger who works from home.


ChampagneExhibits H and I: $18 coasters and $9.95 candy for the kla$$y drunk.


Thug Kitchen

Exhibit J: $25 cookbook for those that “eat like they don’t give fuck 凸(+_+}凸” to cook like they give all 凸(+_+}凸(s).


Downton Abbey


Exhibit K: $19.99 Downton Abbey life manual for the person who binge watches…Downtown Abbey!

Scrabble MagnetsExhibit L: $12.99 magnetic scrabble for the boardgame aficionado.


Mug With A HoopExhibit M: A $24 hot chocolate mug for that kid adult in your life.


Razor SharpenerExhibit N: A $25 razor sharpener for the man/men in your life to look extra sharp—duh!

Fruit KegExhibit N: This $19.99 fruit keg tapping kit. Why? Because its 5’clock somewhere…


Toaster BagFinalement, Exhibit P: $9.99 toaster grilled cheese bags for the person on the go.

That concludes our frugal finds. And just if you felt like hoarding all 16 exhibits, total payment would come down to $266.86 not including tax. Not too shabby 😉

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