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Today’s party look from Kate Spade Saturday serves as a reminder that sometimes dressing down is just as cool as dressing up, if not chicer.  If your upcoming holiday soiree isn’t a black-tie affair to remember, why not try a downtown look instead of something perfectly polished?  I do this often, and I always end up loving the stylish outcome.  Remember to Get the Look at the bottom of the post!


What’s fun about dressing down is how much you can look to shoes and accessories to accent a chic and minimal clothing look.  I’m having a FULL MOMENT with the purses on right now, especially this gorgeous Colorblock Mini A Satchel in Rosewood. It’s basically my new favorite thing.  Ever.  The colors are so spot on for fall and winter and will pair gorgeously with anything you’ve got going for the holiday season.


If you want to Gift Your Girls (Kate Spade Saturday put together a fabby gift guide for the ladies in your life) and you want to go all out, take a look at some of the purses and other schmancy items I’m loving right here…

[separator type=”thin”] [show_shopthepost_widget id=”376820″] [separator type=”thin”] …and back to this understated party look!  I’m rocking the Saturday Jeans in black paired with the Split Crop Top.  Black on black on black.  Can’t go wrong with that.


In an effort to maximize the hip, I’ve thrown my new favorite Flannel in teal (it’s seriously so soft) over the crop to keep warm.  It’s a flattering shirt, especially if you order a size down and plan to wear it unbuttoned or tied around your waist.

And now the Zipper Ankle Boots.  I’m loving these boots, aren’t you?  They’re so perfectly uptown with the zipper meets downtown with the chunky heel.  And quite comfy if I do say so myself.


The final addition to top it off?  These funky Face Paint Earrings in blue.  I’m sorry, but I just love these.  Totally alternative and a great conversation piece at any shindig you may be attending.


Hope you like this hip party look as much as I do!  Leave your thoughts below! Woo Woo!

Photography by Chris Klemens
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  1. Your outfit looks so sophisticated and casual at the same time’
    check me out

  2. Is your satchel rosewood and blue? It’s a beautiful bag and looks amazing on you! It looks blue in your picture but I can only find the rosewood and black option online. Would love to order one! S.O.S xo

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