1 Staple, 5 Looks for Thanksgiving


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Thanksgiving is twenty days away, but our planning began days ago. When we say we take this holiday very seriously, well… part of the planning includes several outfits. For a day with more than one activity, why should we limit ourselves to one? This may seem a bit out of the way, but one staple can easily be transformed into several looks– cue the Little Black Dress.

Whatever your style or activity, the LBD provides endless outfit opportunities. Meeting your significant other’s parents? Go classic. Want to be football-ready? Go casual. Spending the day with your friends? Go edgy. Partying it up? Go for glamour. Are you a fashionista? Be trendy.

1 Little Black Dress, 5 Looks, 5 Versions of yourself for Thanksgiving. Ready?

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Look #1: Classic

Classic is, well, classic. The LBD is the ultimate staple but combined with other staples like flats, infinity scarves and peacoats, you’ll be on top of the style game.


Classic, need I say more? Double-knit infinity scarf, Textured black and white scarf, Reversible wool-blend felt coat, Colorblock streetcar coat, Leather-tipped wrap coat & Embroidered flats

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Look #2: Trendy 

Are you on top of the latest trend? Or should we ask, are you covered in the latest trend? Everyone seems to be rocking the cape poncho lately. From Alexa Chung to Olivia Palermo to Sarah Jessica Parker and Cara Delevingne, we’re counting the number of Burberry monogrammed capes we’ve seen out and about recently. Join in on the fun on Thanksgiving with your very own cape over your little black dress.


Stay on trendHooded plaid wool capeTextured blanket cape &  Burberry color block check cape

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Look #3: Edgy

Thanksgiving is all about family, but you don’t have to sacrifice the ‘tude. Embrace your edgy with a look fit for a motorcycle babe (yup, it’s leather weather!).


Get the biker babe look: Leather biker jacket, Soft borg biker jacket, Leather trimmed knitted jacket, Ames boot & Sammie boot

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Look #4: Casual 

Thanksgiving football calls for comfort and warmth. For the most casual look around, we suggest a denim jacket, a pair of converse and your favorite beanie. Warmth? Check. Chill? Check? Football ready? You bet!


For casual chic: Denim borg western jacket, Bleacher borg denim jacket, Denim varsity jacket, White converse, Cream converse, Black and white beanie

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Look #5: Glamour 

Take Thanksgiving as an opportunity to break out your most glamorous garb. We suggest jewels on jewels, leopard prints and faux-fur shawls. G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S (Anyone else having Fergie flashbacks?).


For glamour: Embellished velvet and leather clutch, Crystal-embellished satin clutch, Faux fur caplet & Leopard print shearling coat

Are you already planning your Thanksgiving outfit(s)? Tell us what you’re planning on wearing in the comments below! x

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