Snow Boots Like Woah


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HOKAY, so.  1. I’m on SnapChat now (username is LoBosworth). 2.  Super pumped about this week’s Street Style because I get to show off my super rad Nike SNOWBOOTS.  I’ve been wearing these for the past week or two and people can’t stop, won’t stop asking me about them.  I literally get stopped in the street.  Okay, enough gloating (but these are seriously on fleek).  The official name: Nike Women’s Dunk Sky Hi Sneakerboot (I have ’em in green).  They also come in Burgandy and Black.


I love these because they pair equally well with black and brown, and they’re easy to dress up or down.  I’ve been wearing them to pilates and out to dinner.  They are not leaving my feet until winter is over.

Today’s outfit is pretty perfect for the weather and a great mix of high and low pieces.  I love combining my super luxe Dawn Levy Alpaca Coat with more casual items.  Just gives the overall outfit a rich and luxurious feel.  Jeans are my classic skinny J Brands!



Next up is my favorite sweater from 360 Sweater.  Turns out I’m just wearing all of my favorites today!  It’s a crop sweater, flattering (even if you’re large in the chest like moi), and so soft.  The best.


Dangling ever so gently around my neck is this gorgeous handmade necklace that combines vintage strands of jewels to create one magnificent piece.  My friend Ashley Darryl makes them.  Each piece she makes is unique and very special.  Girlfriend has good taste.



A couple more pics just for fun…Get The Look at the bottom of the post and have a Happy Monday!




Bye, Felicias!

Photographs by Chris Klemens
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  1. I can’t decide whether I love the coat or the shoes more! Great outfit, as usual.
    I’ll have to keep it in mind for my “Friday favourites” posts.

  2. I LOVE your whole outfit here. Where is your lipstick from and what brand? I want a shade of red just like that.
    I trained with Nike all summer for the Chicago marathon. They spoilt the whole training crew with a whole bunch of Nike gear (shoes, shorts, etc). I felt like I was a Nike employee all summer 🙂 So when I saw you wearing NIKE sneakerboots, I was happy. I ‘ve been meaning to buy myself Nike Sneakerboots and your post just reminded me about how much I love them.

  3. I saw this outfit and fell in love with those shoes. #1 item on my Christmas list and yesterday my bf gave them to me because he knew how badly I wanted them. Obsessedddddddd!!!! They are perfect! Thank you for being awesome!

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