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I’m cold, you’re cold, we’re all freaking cold.  Going in to my 4th winter here in NYC, and I’m already over it.  Expect lots of beach photos from my weekend escapes to warmer climates over the coming months.  I’m not on some tropical beach yet however, so lets take this opportunity to check out how I’m wearing one of my favorite sweaters these days.  Also, it’s CYBER MONDAY and basically everything on the entire internetz, and everything featured here is on sale!

Is there a more classic sweater than a Ralph Lauren Cable-Knit?  I think not, and this one is oversized, hangs off the shoulder and combines the right amount of sex appeal with a casual un-doneness that speaks to me.




I like combining oversized sweaters with a great pair of slim boyfriend jeans pegged in at the ankle with a slight roll.  It’s simply chic, no?  These are Joe’s Jeans, super comfy and on-trend with the middle of the road blue wash.  If I pair a baggy top with a baggy bottom, I always wear a heeled shoe.  Helps create a nice silhouette and is far more flattering than baggy + baggy + flats.



Also guys, you’ve seen this amazing Dawn Levy Alpaca Coat before but we shot these pics when it was literally 17 degrees out it was required (and it matched my look)!  The coat strikes again!  Muhahah.  We shot these pics in 4 minutes before sprinting back indoors.  The things we do for faaaaashion.


Obsessed with these P3 Retro Sunglasses.  I break ’em out now and then when my look needs the hipness factor it’s missing.  Obsessed with my cashmere scarf too.  It’s old with no tag, enormous, and my favorite airplane accessory.  It’s so warm.  Definitely an investment piece that will last a lifetime.


Last but not least, we got these baby booties.  They’re Vince, a nice dark brown that seems to pair well with everything, and supes comfy.


Anyway, bebes – I sort of love this outfit.  Perfect for the chillier weather, casual but put together.  Let me know what you think in the comments and check out some similar outfit suggestions below!  Happy shopping today…

Photography by Chris Klemens
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