Gift Guide: For The Ladies


IMG_5334[infobox subtitle=”…Didn’t Know Where To Shop” bg=”pink” color=”white” opacity=”off” space=”30″ link=”no link”]Whoever Said That Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness[/infobox] We all have that one friend. That one friend who’s not always the easiest to shop for. But still, it’s vital you get her something because it’s the holidays and you’re wrapped up in a shopping frenzy.

Money doesn’t buy happiness? Psh. Queen B, Blair Waldorf that is, would say otherwise. Money can buy a smile if you know just where and what to shop 😉

To make things a little easier, we’ve curated a selection of gifts based on the girl. Go ahead, you may now breathe a sigh of relief!

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The Athlete[show_boutique_widget id=”197288″]

Because we all know that one gym junkie. It’s almost impossible to love her and loathe her at the same time…but you do. How she continues to work out in the rain and snow? Yea, we’re just as horrified. Honestly though, her unwavering commitment to the gym makes you the unbefitting couch potato—which, like, no. Um bye.

Why not get this gal pal some super fly athletic gear? We guarantee she’ll dig the banging sports bras!

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The Holiday Hunny [show_boutique_widget id=”197104″]

We know you know a festivities fanatic. She basically has the holiday bug. Her decorations, well, they’ve been up since BEFORE Thanksgiving. That’s right. It’s not brain science. We all know what she was thankful for.

Gift this end-of-the-year enthusiast with a couple gingerbread hot chocolate toppers OR some fancy schmancy plates. She’ll be in heaven!

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The Alcoholic Workaholic[show_boutique_widget id=”197068″]

Know someone who drinks a little too much? Sorry, we meant works a little too hard? Is she you?

Keep it Kla$$y with some cocktail glasses, alcohol manual, and a BYOB (Brew Your Own Beer) kit. You’ll She will be chugging away, fueled for work, in no time.

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The Fashionista [show_boutique_widget id=”197028″]

This girl—she can make a trash bag look high fashion. But really, we both know she’s werked it with worse. The world is her oyster and the roads are her runway. Ugh, she make us mad jelly!

Buy her some see-through-lace-up combat boots or groovy sunglasses. She won’t just pull them off, she’ll make them her beeeeesh.

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The I-Just-Can’t [show_boutique_widget id=”199028″]

Don’t mistake her for lazy. She just has this inexplicable affinity for sleeping, lounging, and straight up chilling. BO$$ status right here.

A pajama set will be perfect for your princess prima donna. After all, she deserves her beauty rest.

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  1. Love this post, you should do something telling us the stuff all of you guys bought on black friday
    check out my blogmas post

  2. “it’s dire you get her something”…is not grammatically correct!
    You need to define what ‘it” in “It’s dire” for this sentence to work.

    What’s dire? Your need?

    Dire is an adjective. So

    “You have a dire need to get her something”

    Just fyi not for posting– bc your blog is too polished for bad grammar!

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