Holiday Giveaway: Dermalogica


[infobox subtitle=”The Holiday Giveaway Series” bg=”gray” color=”black” opacity=”on” space=”30″ link=”no link”]Dermalogica[/infobox] Know who I’m thankful for?  You!  Since relaunching TheLoDown this summer I’ve been reminded how fortunate I am to be able to connect with you everyday, share the stuff I love, and hear about what you’re into in return.  I talk about the stuff I love and care about and I’m so thrilled that you’re into it as well.

Last year when I launched my YouTube channel I had this overwhelming need to say THANK-YOU to everyone who had supported my digital endeavor at that point, and I came up with a plan to shower my subscribers with hand-selected presents from my favorite brands.  A year later, as support has grown and my heart explodes with thankfulness, I’m so thrilled to run TheLoDown’s Holiday Giveaway series again and make it an official THING every year moving forward!

So with all that said, the time is upon us!  Today marks the first day of the annual Holiday Giveaway Series and this first giveaway is a doozy.  Comin’ atcha from one of my favorite skincare lines Dermalogica is a bundle of 7 classic skincare products (a $340 value)!  10 lucky winners will be gifted the following items:

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How to Enter:

In order to be eligible to win, users must be subscribed to my YouTube Channel and fill out the entry form below.  Please make sure to confirm your entry via email once you receive the Subscription Confirmation email (so use an email address you check).  The more you share and participate the more entries you’ll receive, bettering your chances of winning!  Check out the different sharing options below to see how many entries each share is worth (some are worth 10).  If you share everyday you’ll be well positioned to win.  Each giveaway this month will be open for entry for two-weeks, so make sure to check back each Wednesday in December for the newest giveaway.  This giveaway is open to US residents only due to shipping restrictions.  So…

1. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

2. Fill out the entry form below:


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…and that’s it!  The winners will be contacted by email by January 5, 2015 and announced on the blog next year.  Good luck and thank you for entering.  You mean the world to me!

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Disclaimer: By entering this giveaway you agree to subscribe to TheLoDown and share your email address with the brand sponsor. 

    1. I’m loving dermatologica! Only product I’ve found that can help my skin troubles with acne! Thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway!

    2. Such an amazing giveaway! 🙂 I would definitely want to win this great collection of Dermalogica skin care bundles! It would be just perfect for this awesome Christmas season! hope i win! ty ! ^_^

    3. Hi Lo! Love watching all your bids & reading & exploring all your picks! You’ve been so helpful to me. I appreciate it and you! PS. You are gorgeous & congrats on being a great chef! Loving that too! xoxo Hope you have a merry Christmas & looking forward to what you have for us to try in 2015!

  1. GREAT GIVEAWAY!!! I’ve been wanting to try them for some time now. My skin has been acting up this year, and after your video about it recently, I racked up items in my cart. Just haven’t taken the plunge yet. Hopefully I can win this giveaway and get my skin to calm down. It has a mind of it’s own. ::sigh::
    Good luck to everyone!

  2. Lo, I adore you! Thanks for giving back so much to your subscribers. This giveaway would be incredible to win. If my skin could be half as radiant as yours ide be stoked.

  3. Obsessed with your channel and blog… have been watching all of your videos – the perfect way to unwind, my guilty pleasure. Would love to try these products — fingers crossed!! xx Jocelyn

  4. I love to try dermalogica, but it’s so expensive hear in the Netherlands! Hopefully next year it could be world wide 🙂 good luck to everyone else!! By now Happy holidays! Xoxo

  5. Such an amazing giveaway! I would definitely want to win this great collection of Dermalogica skin care bundles! It would be just perfect for this awesome Christmas season! hope i win! ty ! ^_^

  6. I love Dermalogical products however I got away from using them as it was too much to afford as a student. Good luck to everyone!!!

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