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Kids Gift Guide
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Here’s the one time a year you’re allowed to spoil your little munchkin. What to get them? Well, it’s very likely you already have something fabulous in mind. If you don’t, or if you’re still shopping around, we have a couple suggestions ourselves.

Without further ado, here’s our gift guide to making you the coolest, nicest, awesomest adult ever!

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The Architect[show_boutique_widget id=”198160″]

Up the fort game once and for all. Our favorite? The cardboard pirate ship. It’s also a coloring project!

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The Imaginator[show_boutique_widget id=”198156″]

Now, this is how you play pretend. The possibilities are endless.

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The Thrill-Seeker[show_boutique_widget id=”198152″]

Because who doesn’t want a battery operated mini-car?

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The Builder [show_boutique_widget id=”198148″]

Step aside, Bob, we’ve got new builders in town.

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The Chef[show_boutique_widget id=”198144″]

Here’s to the next Junior Masterchef!

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The Scientist[show_boutique_widget id=”198136″]

Fun, educational activities to satisfy your little Einstein.

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The Musician[show_boutique_widget id=”198140″]

Oh hello, Mozart! Chances are, with these gifts, your little one could be the next musical prodigy.

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