The GUESS Holiday Party


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Can you GUESS who I’m partying with this holiday season?  Come on, take a GUESS, any GUESS.  Fiiine, I’ll stop now.

But for those still in doubt, the answer is…GUESS!  Yes, the chic and sexy bombshell brand we’ve all known and loved forever recently asked me to participate in their Holiday Campaign shoot along with a number of my favorite fashion bloggers, and we had a simply splendid time.

So who else was there celebrating with me? Mara Ferreira (, Christina DeFilippo (, Lynsee Hee-Kyeong (, Megan Elliott (, Luanna Perez (, and An Dyer (  We all had so much fun shooting these great holiday looks together!  And seriously, their blogs are awesome so take a peak!


From skirts to dresses and everything in between, each girl selected her own party perfect outfit and I love how everyone looked completely unique.  We shot these super fun and flirty looks at The Griffin Hotel in the Meatpacking District in New York City, the perfect background to a fabulous night out.  The part of the scenery I loved the most?  The gorgeous (and huge) chandelier hanging from the ceiling, dominating everything from eye-level up.


I chose my holiday outfit like I choose any look.  I ask myself how I want to feel and go from there.  This downtown rock n’roll inspired party look was driven by the feeling to let loose this holiday season as though nothing is holding me back.  Why?  Because nothing is!

I’m single, care-free, and my work-life balance has never been better.  I’m free-fallin’ and loving it, and I felt like this rad Black Lace Plunge Neck Jumpsuit paired with this ridiculously soft Faux-Fur Coat says everything important about me and my life right now.  I finished the look with a great Navy Watch (I love pairing blue with black) and these gorgeous Cut Out Heels.

Want to check out the video of the GUESS Holiday Shoot?  Peep it right here:

If you could party with me and my blog-lovin’ friends in your favorite holiday look from GUESS, what would you wear? Let me know in the comments!

  1. Love this le-happy is my other fav blogger. You guys combined is like a dream team
    check out todays blogmas

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