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When it comes to taking care of yourself, you can’t afford to forget about your skin, especially during the cold winter months when the elements (endless snow, wind & rain) come at you with full force. We’re big believers in the best products for our skin, but we definitely abide by some rules during these harsh months to take care of it that much more.

Just like you shifted over to puffier coats, cozier hats and over-sized every thing else, it’s time to give your skin care routine the winter make-over. For healthy (and beautiful) winter skin over the next several months, make sure you…

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Skip the hot shower. 

I know, I know… it’s cold freezing and a hot bath sounds like a dream right now, but trust me, you are better off without it. Hot water can dry up your skin, which means the elements can really damage your complexion during these gloomy months. And don’t forget, moisturizing is essential after any shower or bath– especially if you give in every once in a while.

If you simply must have a bath, hydrate! Try our favorite products:

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Drink warm water with lemon.

Put the coffee down, and pick up the tea kettle. Warm water with lemon is a great hydrator and has been known to keep your skin clear and healthy. I’m one of those “Don’t speak to me before coffee in the morning types,” but during the winter, coffee can dehydrate you even more. So, yes, difficult– but switch it up and you’ll see the benefits.

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Holiday party after holiday party can wreck havoc on your skin care routine. Between dessert, alcohol and lack of sleep, if the parties run late, you may find yourself at a loss. Try to sleep on a normal routine if you can to prevent dark circles. Sleep is always important, but during the winter, it is especially necessary to help your skin fight off damage done by the elements.

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 Feed your skin well.

We may swear by our moisturizers during the winter, but it’s all in your eating routine. Gotta work your way to a healthy complexion from the inside after all. This means eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It’s not just fish though– nuts and avocados in moderation can do wonders. Try our favorite avocado toast (and several variations) for a yummy lunch– we recommend sprinkling pepper flakes on top for an extra kick.

Hope your winter is off to a great start, and if you’re lucky enough to live in a warm place, we could not be more envious even if we tried. Happy December!