Winter Accessories: Hats, Beanies, and Earmuffs


fur-hat-street-style[infobox subtitle=”(For the Winter Weather)” bg=”yellow” color=”black” opacity=”off” space=”30″ link=”no link”]Fashionable Headgear[/infobox] Find the right hat and it can frame your face the right way. Find the right hat in the wintertime? Well, it can frame your face, keep you warm, AND doll you up in the right way.

Whether or not you believe in the age-old myth that you lose 80% of your body heat through you head, it always comes in handy as great excuse to buy that new beanie, earmuff, or felty floppy hat.

So, to take you straight to the goodies, we’ve rounded up some of what we consider to be the best (our favorite) greasy-hair hiders. Oh yea, did we mention greasy-hair hider? Hats and such go hand-in-hand with dry shampoo, or really three days or no shampoo. Don’t worry! We’ll keep your dirty hair a secret if you keep it a secret!

The Goods

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