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The reality is that the weather is 30 degrees and dipping lower and lower on the temperature scale each day. Still, I can’t do a thing to change it — not one. The snow-slushied streets of winter have been one-upping me this year. As my thoughts range between “How much do I have to pay to stay in bed all day?” and “Is it acceptable to wear a blanket as an outfit?” — this is no joke — I’m looking for winter style inspiration all around. From the streets of New York City to the deep pages of the interwebz, fashion’s coolest girls have winter down pat. Let’s steal some of their winter cool (get it?). The cold never bothered them, anyway.

Winter Weather Look #1: The Statement Coat

Left to right: FashionAgony, Kayture, TheFrontRowView & Cara Loren

When all you want is to be bundled up during the harshest months of the year, a statement coat not only keeps your warm, but also, it adds chic to your outfit effortlessly. You don’t have to try to coordinate a fashionable AND warm outfit when your 2-in-1 coat already does it for you. This winter, grab a white (faux) fur coat and rejoice!

Winter Weather Look #2: Bundle Up!

Left to right: Vanessa Jackman, Vanessa Jackman & A House in the Hills

We’ve talked about scarf season before, and we couldn’t be happier that the oversized trend is here to stay. When the weather is this cold, the bigger the scarf, the happier and warmer we are. Clearly, two years later, we can say that Lenny Kravitz’ massive scarf was right on point — the man knew exactly what he was doing when he wore a scarf as big as a blanket as he strolled the city.

Winter Weather Look #3: Show Me Your Cape

Left to right: Glamour, StyleBistro, WhoWhatWear, VaVaVogue

Now is the time to take advantage of winter sales. The fashion industry is always several months ahead so in the next couple of weeks, expect to see spring wear in stores. This means, then, that you have some time to score an amazing cape at an incredible price.  Sleek or tailored, a cape will add some oomph to your winter looks.

What is your go-to for winter weather? Share with us below!

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