[infobox subtitle=”on a Wednesday” bg=”red” color=”black” opacity=”off” space=”30″ link=”no link”]Going Up'[/infobox] I assume that like you, your cell phone is your world.  Teaches you, directs you, informs you, makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you stressed, makes you happy.  One of my goals in 2015 is putting my phone away for at least an hour a day as a part of my overall “Chill Out” Resolution.

One way that’s helping me succeed?  Transcendental Meditation – a new practice I’ve begun this year to help ease stress, anxiety, help me sleep better and generally feel happy, in control, and at ease.  I turn my phone on silent and stick it in another room during the 20-25 minute sessions, twice a day.  It’s a really nice time to focus inward and forget about the world around me.

More on TM in a future post though as I dive deeper into the practice as you’re here to see what I’ve got werkin’ on my iPhone 6 right now!

I use my phone primarily for work – apart from blogging and making videos, social media makes up a huge part of running TheLoDown.  I would basically die without email, as I’m consistently in touch with brands and my agents about different deals and partnerships I’m working on.

I love FaceTime with my Mom and nephew Dylan.  So fun to watch him grow!  He totally tries to kiss the phone screen now, puts it up to his ear and yells out “Hello” three or four times.  Bless his heart.

Apart from the general goodness the iPhone brings, here are my top 5 apps right now:

1. WunWundelivery of pretty much anything on demand!

2. MAKR: design your own logos for stationary, bags, your wedding invites, and more!

3. Hinge: online dating that doesn’t seem creepy at all

4. Rosetta Stone: interactive language learning tool (I’m taking French classes).

5. Priv – beauty services (hair, nails, fitness) on demand, anywhere!

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What are your favorite apps?  Would love to discover some new ones, so please leave your comments below!  Happy HumpDay, bebes.