Apply Lipstick Like A Pro


Red lips[infobox subtitle=”Lips On Fleek” bg=”red” color=”black” opacity=”off” space=”30″ link=”no link”]Perfect The Pout[/infobox] On the fence about lipstick? Don’t be!

Reasons to Rock the Bold Lip:

  • It’s sexy. Consider someone’s attention grabbed.
  • It’s daring. It’s like wearing statement jewelry.
  • It immediately upgrades your look. Trust us, you’ll feel less inclined to pear the pop of color with sweats.
  • It’s quick. Running late? Lipstick immediately upgrades your entire look.
  • It’s a mood changer. Some ladies wear by it! A little swatch of color can go a long way.

Convinced? Here’s the how-to:

1. Exfoliate!

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Betcha didn’t know how important it was to start with a fresh canvas! Dry flakes on your lips? Yea, that just doesn’t look so grand when emphasized with color. Exfoliate with a lip scrub, washcloth, or soft-bristled toothbrush. Try mixing olive oil and sugar together until you find a a happy consistency and apply in circular motions on your lip before rinsing with warm water!

2. Moisturize!

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Butter that baby up! Applying lip balm after exfoliation helps keep your lips soft and oh so smooth. It’s recommended that you finish the rest of your makeup (if need be) before coming back to your lips. This way, you’ll give the balm ample time to sink in.

3. Line!

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Never EVER skimp on the lining. It helps your lipstick stay put and last longer. Go for the same shade as your lipstick of choice. Outline first before filling out the entire lip.

4. Paint It On (With A Brush)! 

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Yes, with a brush. Applying lipstick with a brush (instead of slathering it on straight from the tube) makes for sharper lines and greater precision. Remember, lipstick pops because of the sharp color contrast from skip to lip. We’re not aiming for clown here!

5. Make It Matte!

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Dusting translucent powder over your lips with a fluffy brush (think eye shadow brush) can make your lips matte without changing the color. Going for this look? Smile! You’re all done. Wipe away any errors with make-up remover and a Q-tip!

6. Add A Second Coat!

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Add a second coat after the matte base for that little extra oomph!

Et voilà! You’re applying lipstick like a pro! Someone say cheese!

  1. I dont usually add a second coat at the end but I might have to start! I can just imagine how much bold the color would appear!
    Check out my blog <3

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