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I am no stranger when it comes to coffee. Coffee in the morning, coffee in the afternoon, coffee for dayz, basically. It’s not so much that I need the caffeine kick anymore as much I love going to different shops around the city to people watch and pretend to do my work. Seriously guys, grab your closest pal, head out to your nearest coffee shop, Instagram away and caffeinate — get yo buzz on.

I’m not going to say that I’m an expert in choosing the best coffee shops, but who am I kidding? I’ve spent enough money on lattes, cappuccinos and espressos to have some authority. In no particular order, the ten best coffee shops around New York City are:

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Happy Bones

Photography courtesy of Happy Bones

With its white-washed brick, Happy Bones is one of the most curated coffee spots around town (and one of the most Instagrammed spots, I’m sure). Its mission to inspire and energize New Yorkers is complete with New Zealand coffee, covet-worthy tortoise shell spoons and a highly curated selection of art books.

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Blue Bottle Coffee

Photography courtesy of Blue Bottle Coffee

Hailing from Oakland, CA, Blue Bottle Coffee has the art of coffee down to a t (they have extensive brewing guides available to all coffee-lovers online).  Our favorite cup of joe from Blue Bottle? The iced New Orleans.

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La Colombe Torrefaction

Photography courtesy of Stefan Karlstrom

Passionate coffee drinkers, this one’s for you. Brewing deliciously bold coffee, many people refer to La Colombe as “the rock star” of the coffee world. Several locations don’t have menus so come prepared and feel time move a little bit slower when you walk into one of four La Colombe locations around NYC.

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Café Grumpy

Photography courtesy of Cafe Grumpy

If you feel like you’ve seen Café Grumpy on your television screen before, you are certainly correct… Lena Dunham worked here as a barista during an episode of her hit show Girls. TV shows aside though, they have one of the best lattes in New York.

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Third Rail Coffee

Photography courtesy of Stefan Karlstrom

Third Rail is a gem. Here, the baristas actually know their regulars. It’s small and intimate, and with no wi-fi, it’s the perfect place to have long conversations over coffee with a friend.

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Bluebird Coffee Shop

Photography courtesy of Stefan Karlstrom

Bluebird coffee is just as sweet as its name. With pastries made in-house and Counter Culture coffee, this cozy, sun-drenched spot is the perfect place to linger on a lazy Sunday morning in the East Village.

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Culture Espresso

Photograph courtesy of Culture Espresso

Conveniently located in midtown, Culture Espresso is the perfect coffee shop to recharge (and to get away from the mobs of people near Times Square). I dream about their chocolate chip cookies and cappuccinos every once in a while (ok, more like always…).

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Gasoline Alley Coffee

Photography courtesy of Stefan Karlstrom

Can you say industrial-chic? We are certainly diggin’ these vibes from Gasoline Alley Coffee. Located in NoHo, it’s just several blocks away from the Angelika. Stop in for a cortado before catching a flick. You won’t regret it.

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Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Photography courtesy of Stefan Karlstrom

Certainly, you’ve heard of Stumptown before — the name is perhaps more famous than its coffee, but with its dark oak wood, herringbone floors and marble surfaces, it was definitely created for guests to hang around in a well-designed space. At Stumptown, we’re happy with a simple house drip — can’t beat the OG.

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Think Coffee

Photography courtesy of Brew Traveller

Think Coffee is one of the rare coffee shops around the city where you can actually do your work. The lighting is somewhat dim, the mochas are great and there are always coffee drinkers typing away on their laptops. Bring your own and join the fun.

Are you just as obsessed with your daily coffee as we are? Let us know what your favorite shops are in the comments below! You might see us there with a cappuccino — or three — next time you’re there.

  1. I love your blog! I can’t believe I just discovered it. Congratulations on your role at Racked. I love finding new coffee shops in NYC. I’ve been to a few of these but need to go to the rest.

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