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Twice a year, Fashion Week descends on New York City, and fashionable creatures in all shapes and sizes dominate the City streets. During these days, it seems as though everyone is in a frenzy — fashion disciples especially are a bit moody, overworked and hungry to say the least.

While it may become extremely easy to skip meals throughout NYFW, it’s definitely not the wisest choice. Back to back shows and previews — while fun — are draining. The key to staying sane through the madness while actually enjoying this time lies in eating properly to maintain your energy levels. So, whether you’re at a show in Lincoln Center, Chelsea or the Garment district, we have plenty of recommendations for you to keep in mind whether you can spare ten minutes or a full hour. The best part? Even if you’re not attending NYFW, these restaurants are still A+ locations. Keep them in the back of your mind next time you’re searching for a meal in NYC.


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The Smith 1900 Broadway | If you’re searching for the perfect UWS location to drink a cocktail, look no more. Next to Lincoln Center, The Smith will cover all of your cocktail needs.

Hudson Common 356 West 58th Street | Burgers may not be the first food that comes to mind when you think of Fashion Week, but hey, you need your protein, right? It’s all about the energy! But, if you must have something light, go for the watermelon, feta and heirloom tomato salad.

The Wayfarer 101 West 57th Street | An American grille at its finest, save the Wayfarer for the end of the day when you’re finished with the madness. Seafood and steaks await your celebration.

Betony 41 West 57th Street | Last September, Betony brought back its special Coco Chanel cocktail in honor of fashion week. This year, we’re hoping Betony does the same, but if not, we’re happy with one of their special desserts made especially for Fashion Week attendees.

Kati Roll 49 West 39th Street | If you can only spare ten minutes, stop by the Kati Roll Company and pick up an Indian wrap. You’re bound to maintain your energy levels with protein packed meals. And a major plus — Kati Roll offers tons of vegetarian options.

Egg Shop

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The Egg Shop 151 Elizabeth Street | Inspired by their love for the egg sandwich, the Egg Shop serves up delicious twists on this classic breakfast meal. Try one, try all — it’s sure to become a favorite.

Cafe Gitane 242 Mott Street | Breakfast served all day — need I say more? My love for breakfast aside, it’s the perfect place when you need a moment or two to yourself. Eat and linger, linger and eat and then dive back into the Fashion Week craziness.

The Butcher’s Daughter 19 Kenmare Street | When I first think of NYFW-approved meals, The Butcher’s Daughter is the first spot that comes to mind. Natural juices and vegetarian food abound this ultra-chic and curated space.

Sweetgreen 413 Greenwich Street | Like the rest of NYC, I am borderline obsessed with Sweetgreen. From its delicious, crisp salads to their refreshing lemonades, Sweetgreen is all-around incredible.


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Toro NYC 85 10th Avenue | When it’s time to celebrate the end to a day, head on over to Toro. It’s typically packed during Fashion Week, and it’s not just because of the food. Legions of fashion obsessees pack Toro in celebration of the latest collections.

Chelsea Marketplace 75 9th Avenue | If you’re with a group and you are each craving different food, the Chelsea Marketplace is your go-to. Healthy eats, sweet treats, quick bites — you can find anything your heart could ever desire at the Marketplace.

Cookshop 156 10th Avenue | Breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can stop at Cookshop three times a day and have very different but equally amazing meals. It’s difficult to find a restaurant that can pull off such a feat, but Cookshop is among those especially talented.

What shows are you looking forward to seeing throughout NYFW? Are you keeping a close watch on Paris, London and Milan Fashion Weeks, too? Let us know in the comments below!