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Repeat after me: NO moping, NO sulking, NO grieving, NO grumbling, NO brooding, NO aching, and NO regretting. Not today.

Spending February 14th single? You say it like its a bad thing! While love may not be in the air for you to share it with a significant other, love is definitely all around for you to share it friends, family, and yourself! There is nothing wrong with a little self-appreciation. You work hard. You deserve to play harder.

Grab a couple letters (or your phone) because we’re sending out invites. This year, you’re throwing the best Singles Appreciation Day possible. SAD? Who’s sad? Not you. Not us.

If you really can’t deal, even after a couple glasses of wine, CNET’s got the how-to on blocking Valentine’s Day from Facebook.

But, come on now! Round up your greatest friends because they won’t ever let you do stupid things alone. Live for today, plan for tomorrow, PARTY tonight!

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All that glitters is gold. There is no such thing as tacky. Again, not today. Fru-frus and frills. Our advice? Go all out!

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Sophisticated-cutesy. Because, who doesn’t like cookies or cupcakes? Easy to make, easy to clean up. Bada-bing, bada-boom.

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Inspired to throw your own party? Don’t forget to send us an invite!