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You can feel it in the air and on the interwebs: New York Fashion Week is officially here and I got my hands on this “Ultimate Style Guide to Content Marketing” JUST for you. What is it you ask? Ceros and NewsCred teamed up to showcase 8 major fashion brands and the genius content that makes their unique style stand out. With videos, photos, quotes, GIFs, and stats galore, you can’t miss out on this.

A brief sneak peek of what to expect:

Under Armour’s “I Will What I Want” campaign was “fierce & flawless”. Kick ass female athletes Lindsey Vonn, Misty Copeland, and Kelly O’Hara share their stories of obstacles they overcame to go for gold. And who doesn’t love themselves some Gisele Bundchen beating the life out of a punching bag? No one. That’s who.

Chanel is a powerhouse of gorgeous content because, well, it’s Chanel. They have a brand identity that conjures up the words “exclusive, elusive, consistent, and constantly recognizable.” Chanel garnered millions of views on their “The One That I Want” campaign. It’s a gorgeous video – Danny Zuko doesn’t have anything on Chanel.

Zady gets personal and purposeful. The brand “believes in products with solid construction, the best materials, the lowest environmental footprint, the highest labor standards and timeless style, above all.” Who can argue with that?

NastyGal is the perfect “Portrait of a #GIRL-BOSS!” Founder, Sophia Amoruso, believes in the power of the female as a “Role Model” and their influence on fashion, business, lifestyle, and so on. NastyGal’s website and content reflects the message of the brand across the board.

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Burberry is one of the most followed brands on Facebook. Who knew? They really know how to reel folks in by making them feel special with sneak peeks and exclusives. Does this post make you feel special?

Net-a-Porter is massive. I dare you to guess their estimated worth. By redefining the magazine Net-a-Porter also changed retail. Their print-magazine and the shoppable app that goes with it finally brought fashion magazines into the 21st century, which is good because I was running out of room on my coffee table.

FCUK did something pretty unusual. They outsourced their most recent ad creation to the collective creativity of their customers. They called it “Make a Scene,” and that they did. Fashionistas jumped at the chance to be a part of the brand, which makes sense, design and creativity is in our DNA.

J.Crew matches their vintage look with a very modern marketing strategy. Their latest move is very hip. I don’t want to give too much away, but it has something to do with Casey Neistat, a camera, and the whole world. It’s a really fun piece aimed at a younger generation and Casey’s got a man-bun, and I think we can all get behind it.

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