Valentine’s Day Outfits


tumblr_mqeqh2jY6G1ri04v6o1_500[infobox subtitle=”(To Show That You Care)” bg=”black” color=”white” opacity=”off” space=”30″ link=”no link”]What To Wear[/infobox] Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Love it or hate it, the globally-recognized day of love is finally upon us.

If you are amongst the few who have yet to pick out an outfit for tomorrow’s Hallmark festivities, don’t fret. It’s one, no big deal, and two, really, no big deal.

Seriously, no need to get your knickers in a twist — not yet at least! We’ve curated a crafty bunch of edgy looks for every type of girl. All you have to do is decide. Are you the Stage Five Clinger Helpless Romantic? Or, are you the Girl-Who-Hates-Valentine’s-Day?

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Wake Me Up When This ‘Shit Show’ Ends

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“Thank God for Netflix, for Seamless, and for Friends (the show). Come on, people. It’s Saturday. There’s really nothing better to do than curl up with my boyfriend pillow, under my duvet, between my 400-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. Gurl, get on my level.”

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I Don’t Need No Man

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“I wear the pants. Always. Anywhere and everywhere. Let’s just drink. Okay? It’s Galentine’s Day. Bottoms up, Beeetchesss!”

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Helpless Romantic

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“The Bae got me flowers! ERMERGERRD! LOVEEE! We’re going to dinner and then the movies. 50 Shades of Grey. Duh! I know right? He said it was my day to do whatever I wanted. What a keeper, right?”

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So, what will you be wearing?

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