Oscars Fashion Recap 2015


87th Academy Awards - Rehearsals
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Once a year, the best of the best come together to celebrate the film industry. Coincidentally, we’re treated to the best fashion with get-ups ranging from couture to some that are fabulous but a little bit bizarre… Yes, I was thinking of Bjork’s icon swan dress from 2001… Keep on keepin’ on, Bjork — we have nothing but mad respect for you.

At last night’s 87th Academy Awards, we weren’t treated to anything quite so extravagant and bold, but the sartorial green-eyed monster definitely paid us a visit. We learned a little thing or two, and we want to share.

What We Learned #1: When in doubt, break out the craft box. 


Some of the night’s biggest stars — Lupita Nyong’o, Felicity Jones, Carmen Ejogo — beamed on the red carpet with bedazzled pieces constructed with beads and sequins. It’s arts and crafts time, ladies! If you, too, want to wear a gown constructed with pearls and are questioning whether you want to wear it or not, think no more.

What We Learned #2: Black and white are always in style. 


Black and white are classic. No other explanation is required.

What We Learned #3: Look hot as fire in red. 


Long gone are the days when “clashing” with the red carpet was a worry. If you want to make a dazzling entrance, red is your go-to color. We were especially in love with Rosamund Pike’s Givenchy’s red lace gown. After circling the media circuit for her film Gone Girl in all black and white outfits, the color red made her stand out — this is some Amy Dunne planning we can get behind.

What We Learned: #4 The Oscars are a family affair. 


Ansel Elgort had a mother-son date with mom Grethe Barrett Holby at the Oscars while Dakota Johnson arrived on the carpet with her movie star mom Melanie Griffith. Red carpets are the new hangouts so bring the fam along.

What were your favorite moments from the Oscars? Let us know below!

  1. I was hoping for something more since it´s the OSCAR´s!!!! Margot Robbie and Rosamund Pike were my favourites, and you, of course!

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