Spring Hair Accessories


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The unkempt ‘do is all the rage at the moment, but I’m here to advocate for hair accessories. Barrettes. Bobby Pins. You name it, I LOVE it. Hell, I’m even loving flower crowns. I know they’ve been labelled #basic, but haven’t you heard? It’s musical festival season.

I’ve never been one to get creative with my hair accessories. Give me a pack of black bobby pins, and I am set to go. But, recently, I am inspired. I’ve learned that adding one simple accessory can change your hair game completely, and especially now that music festival season is upon us, I’m all about hair accessories that will help me keep my hair in check. Let me give you The Lo Down on my favorites at the moment.



Okay, let me honest. Before this post, I thought of barrettes as the sort of accessory that my grandma would use, and that’s no insult to my grandma (she’s one cool lady!). I just never imagined myself wearing them. Well, I never imagined myself actually looking good with them on, but that is no more. With their incredible versatility, you can bet I’ll be rocking these in all shapes and colors this spring, especially these barrettes from Fringe & Fette ‘s collaboration with Makers Alongside, which are available in two styles: long and arc.

Bobbys Pins


Ah, bobby pins — that magical hair accessory that you simultaneously keep losing and finding all over your home. With a bottle of nail polish, they can very easily be transformed from a simple necessity to a luxe and artistic accessory. Wondering what I’m talking about? Learn how to transform your bobby pins from the creative minds at Free People.

Bits and Bobs


I’ve already professed my love for bobby pins and barrettes, but there are so many other accessories to choose from including head chains and TIARAS. That’s right, people. Tiaras are acceptable for everyday use. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity because the time to feel like a princess while looking like one is now. A favorite of mine? This Leaf Tiara that gives me all kinds of Grecian goddess vibes.

How do you accessorize your hair? Share some DIYs with us in the comments below!

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