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Coachella is coming, Coachella is coming, Coachella is coming.  I’m going for maybe the 8th time now all the way from NYC to the hot desert of Palm Springs.  The festival has definitely changed: there are 2 weekends now, the kiddos in attendance get younger and more wild, and the Rose Garden is not what is once was.  It’s cool though – I’m still all for being a festie-head one more year because it means I get to reunite with every human I’ve ever known for a weekend of fun, sun, and great outfits.

The fashion at music festivals is eye-opening; entire articles are now dedicated to Festival Style in The New York Times, every online retailer has lookbooks and sections dedicated to Desert Chic, and my own friends have been discussing their festival looks for weeks.

My plan?  Go grunge some days, and mix loud patterns on others.  Gone are the boho dresses!  See ya later flash-tats!  Instead it’s hello Vans, hello chokers, and hello leopard.  Frankly, if you haven’t gone grunge by now I’m not sure where you’ve been the past 6 months!

Today’s look is an example of pattern mixing: comfortable pieces that at first-glance don’t really make sense when paired together but just work when everything is in place.


Here are Forever 21 pants in a green, pink, and orange kaleidoscope pattern mixed with leopard Kenneth Cole slip-ons.  Kinda fun, no?


A tight Levi’s jean jacket in white, bright blue nails with gold triangle studs, plus shades from Spy are all mighty fine.


Fine – a little boho with the top there.  Suede (so chic right now) floral top is from Urban Outfitters and plays nicely with the colors in both the pants and shoe.


A high slit in these pants make them super wearable for a festival: they’re cool, comfy, and easy to move it.  Most of all, they let everyone know that you are too effing cool for school.


All together now: an understated, comfortable, and unexpected festival look that mixes patterns and textures in a sensation-triggering way.  What’s go-to style will you be stealing this festival season?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Love this style, especially the pants!! I can’t seem to find them anywhere on Forever 21’s website though. A lot of “similar” ideas but nothing like these beauts! Any idea where I can find these pants other than Forever 21’s website?

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