Cartilage Piercings


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If you’ve noticed one trend currently dominating the scene, you’ve probably noticed that almost everyone has opted for a cartilage piercing recently. From the smaller piercings to the bigger (and more menacing) piercings, they are an easy way to decorate your ear in a less permanent way (think: tattoos).

Of course, just like any other procedure, there are are important ideas to keep in mind. Think long and hard about the location of your piercing keeping in mind that certain areas will hurt more than others. Once you’ve actually taken the plunge, it’s crucial that you clean the area properly every single day. This means that you must wash your hands before touching it to prevent infections and cleaning it with a saline solution twice a day.

The healing process for a piercing takes somewhere between three to six months, and throughout this time period, you must be patient. You might want to change your jewelry, but changing it before the piercing is completely healed might result in a closed piercing. Continue cleaning it until it’s continue healed and sit tight!

Caring for your piercing is tremendously important, but let’s move on to the fun stuff… jewelry. Your piercing studio will have options to choose from, but the options are normally extremely limited, and if you want to inject a little bit more of your personally, buy your own ahead of time. We’re inspired by piercings like these…


Yup, this is Kylie Jenner! Girlfriend has some major courage and style with all those piercings

Are you planning on a piercing? Let us know where and when in the comments!

  1. Lo! Thank you for this article. I got my cartilage pierced in January and although it’s almost heeled it does tend to hurt sometimes. I didn’t realize that it could take 3 to 6 months. But I agree, the studio and the artist are both tremendously important. My artist walked me through everything and showed me that he was sterilizing both the earring and the needle. I’m hooked and can’t wait to get more!

  2. Most of these photos are not even cartilage piercings.
    I got my industrial/ bar done a little over 18 months ago, it took a full 9 months to heal.
    Cartilage piercings take 3-9 months typically to heal.
    They’re not more prone to infection, but have a higher rate of migration, or the piercing moving as it heals.

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