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Here at TheLoDown, we are beauty addicts — that is widely-known fact. From toners to moisturizers, our top shelves are stocked with products galore. Sure, we can’t say that we use all of them. Some of them serve for experimental reasons, after all. But we can say this: in between trying hundreds (yes, hundreds) of products, we have some insight into the best products for your face, and we want to share.

Next time you’re at the beauty department, consider:

Algenist’s Firming & Lifting Eye Cream

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Many a beauty devotee swear by their eye creams. Personally, I had never found an eye cream that I loved, but after one of close friends first introduced me to Algenist’s Eye Gel, she successfully converted me into an Algenist devotee. It’s especially great if you aren’t necessarily the best at getting a recommended eight hours of sleep because it contains caffeine to reduce puffiness in the mornings. You know what that means? Goodbye designer eyebags — you are no longer welcome.

Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Crème Riche Moisturizer

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Though I mainly use Chanel’s nail polishes, I’ve never had a problem with the rest of the brand’s range of beauty products. The same goes for the company’s range of face products. If your skin is on the drier side, consider using Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Crème Riche Moisturizer. It’s all the moisture you need, trust me.

Glossier’s Face Masks


Y’all already know about my profound love of Glossier, but singing their praises is absolutely necessary. Now that the beauty brand carries masks, well, the world is at peace. Nothing is better than putting on a fresh mask and watching Sex and the City (basic? probably) so go ahead and try the Mega Greens Galaxy Mask or Moisturizing Moon Mask. It’s one of the best things you’ll do this week.

First Aid Beauty’s Detox Eye Roller

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This one goes out to all my fellow insomniacs. Combined with Algenist’s eye cream, First Aid Beauty’s detox eye roller is an unstoppable force that will work wonders on your eyes. It definitely beats using two metal spoons to wake up tired eyes, don’t you think?

Fresh’s Rose Floral Toner

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File rose toners under: the best beauty inventions. Designed to tone your complexion, you simply spritz it once or twice on your face after cleansing. Your skin will instantly look more refreshed — especially great for a fresh look during the summers. Our favorite? Fresh’s Rose Floral Toner.

What face products do you use? Share with us below!

  1. Can’t wait for glossier to ship to Canada soon. It seems we are missing out on their products. Love the beauty reviews Lo. 🙂 xx

  2. I am so excited to try the eye roller. I have such a problem with bags under my eyes every morning! Definitely pick this up soon!

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