Perfume Apothecaries: NYC


[infobox subtitle=”We Can’t Get Enough Of” bg=”yellow” color=”white” opacity=”off” space=”30″ link=”no link”]Beauty Boutiques[/infobox] While we could probably list a bajillion reasons why you should make a trip to Brooklyn, beauty boutiques are, by far, our number one excuse. Whether it the natural ingredients, personal customer service, or environmentally friendly practices, these indie salons have truly captured our hearts.

We believe that there is something to be said for products that are made au natural—skillfully crafted with love and care.

Beauty junkie? This guide is definitely for you! Here’s our list of top 5 places to shop perfume and skincare.

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Twisted Lily

Photo: Thatcher Keats

A perfume and beauty lover’s paradise, Twisted Lily, on 360 Atlantic Avenue (Boerum Hill), boasts a wide collection of niche fragrances from around the world. Trust us, they’re nothing if not stellar. Best of all? There is absolutely no pressure to buy. The staff here knows that picking the right scent can be a challenge that lasts well over an hour. Not only are they extremely accommodating, but they’re also incredibly patient.

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A bath-and-body boutique and plant store, Skinnyskinny, on 270 Grand Street (Williamsburg), prides itself on filler, synthetic, sulfate, and artificial additive-free products. With everything from homemade body butters to foot scrubs in scents like grapefruit-and-cardamom and black-pepper-and-rose, the store is quite the garden of earthly delights.

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Shen Beauty


Known to carry the latest beauty discoveries like African bee-venom face cream, Shen Beauty, on 315 Court Street (Carroll Gardens), has quite the curated selection of high-end beauty products. Upon entrance, you’re greeted with complimentary hand massage and cookie. And, if you stop by later in the afternoon, a glass of champagne. But hey, if that’s not convincing enough, the beauty haven is also the only shop on the East Coast that carries keratin-inducing hair care!

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Saipua on 392 Van Brunt Street (Red Hook) is a two-in-one florist and soap store. While they specialize in seasonal flower arrangements for weddings and special events, they also sell hand-cut olive-oil-based soaps in scents like coffee mint and jasmine tea.

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CB I Hate Perfume


Looking to customize your own fragrance? CB I Hate Perfume is where it’s at. The fragrance studio, located on 318 Maujer Street (East Williamsburg), is personal shopping appointments only during the week. Walk-ins are available on Fridays and Saturdays but appointments are still strongly suggested. Owner Christopher Brosius will teach you a thing or two about recreating memories through the power of scent.

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Did we miss out one of your favorites? Where do you usually shop for beauty products?

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