Spring Styles with GUESS


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Spring has arrived and already my social calendar has been filled to the brim with brunches, lunches, benefits, balls, and a couple good old fashioned nights on the town with my best ladies.  In New York City it only takes a couple of warmer days to re-fill the streets, restaurants, and clubs with beautiful people and beautiful outfits.

When the entire city feels invigorated and ready for spring action I always feel like my closet needs a bit of a revamp.  This year I’m filling it with florals, pastels, and a bit of fresh grunge to welcome the brand new season. The pieces that have gotten me started?  They’re from yet another fabulous campaign I shot recently with an all-time favorite brand: GUESS.


The need to get out and socialize is alive and well at GUESS this spring- exemplified perfectly by the fancy and fun shoot location (Beaumarchais in NYC’s Meat Packing District).  Alongside some of my fave fellow bloggers, we brunched and danced while wearing our spring picks at an over-the-top party spot.


I love my look – it combines a chic flirtatiousness that represents my spring frame of mind: a little bit playful, a little bit mysterious, and 100% ready for anything.  This floral jacket takes the cake in my opinions: a gorgeous display of fresh flowers against a bright background.  A great patterned piece is definitely a stand-out option this season as the focal point for any outfit.

The sexiest jeans I’ve possibly ever worn?  Check.  Talk about curves in all the right places, ladies.  Paired with these adorable fringed heels that can be worn in unlimited ways as you style your outfit, from top to bottom this look is on-point for the perfect spring outing with friends.

Topping off the look are the accessories: super on-trend black shades in a flattering round shape, a black bag that goes with absolutely everything, and a classic feminine gold watch with a python face to add a bit of color.

Everything GUESS is so good right now, so of the moment.  I love shooting with them because the campaigns always represent my current state of mind: loving life in the perfect chic look.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by GUESS and Style Coalition.

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