Springtime is here and with the warmer weather comes that desire to invigorate your look with a fresh glow.  It’s not warm enough to bask in the 75 degree rays of sweet summer days quite yet, but there are alternatives to natural sunshine to help achieve that fresh, resort-wear look.  My go-to?  New make-up of course!  There is literally no activity in the world that I enjoy more than playing with product at the beauty counter and I’ve found some brilliant new favorites to get glowin’ this springtime.

Apart from the straight-forward beauty tricks, I’ve included a more holistic list of ways to brighten up that I know you’ll love.  Lets get glowing!

1. Re-Energize Your Make-Up Routine

Say goodbye to drab winter weather and cooler make-up tones by embracing the warmth that comes with spring. The warmer weather always inspires a trip to the make-up counter to pick up new favorites for the season; this spring go for Guerlain Terracotta Bronzers.  The range is versatile and the variety of colors is exquisite.  The choice between natural, matte, and an iridescent finishes really opens up your options to get that perfect glow that seems to come from within.

I was lucky enough to spend some QT with Guerlain National Makeup Artist Marcus Monson who put together a custom make-over chart for me using his favorite products in the perfect shades.  I’m always eager to create a natural, glowing look so he kept that in mind when putting together my face chart.

I’m a big fan of natural beauty and the newest Terracotta powder helps to achieve a subtle, yet sophisticated look which I’m all about.

Lo Face Chart


He chose the Terracotta Joli Teint Natural Healthy Glow Powder Duo combined with Terracotta Light to illuminate my face with a healthy glow.  The Joli Teint Powder Duo comes with both a very subtle bronzed tone and a peach or rosy color, meant to be mixed together.  Marcus showed me how to apply it using Guerlain’s classic “3” gesture (draw a 3 with your brush from your temple, to apple of cheek then down to the chin).  The Terracotta Light is great to highlight the cheekbones and to swipe down the bridge of the nose for an illuminated effect.

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2. Say Goodbye to Dairy

There is a decent amount of controversy over whether or not we should be eating and drinking dairy products beyond a certain age.  I’m a cheese and yogurt loving adopter of the no-dairy diet and without stirring up the flames too much let me just say that never before have I glowed from within the way I do now.  My skin looks bangin’, my intestines aren’t inflamed, and I’m not pumping another animal’s hormones through my body.

I’m a firm believer that the USDA’s recommendation that we all drink 3 glasses of milk a day simply reflects industry interests.  I just don’t buy into it, and even though I absolutely love me some cheese, my body looks and feels better without it.

Can’t live without yogurt like me?  Try a yogurt made from coconut milk.  I’m a fan of So Delicious!


3. Steam It Out

Steaming solves all of life’s problems.  Hungover?  Steam.  Tired?  Steam.  Need to look your best?  Steam.  Sweating out the toxins has this miraculous way of turning one’s day right side up no matter what.  Steam in 10 minute intervals, take plenty of water breaks, and max out around 30 minutes.

Go with a friend and it will feel even more like a spa day!


4. Get Salty

Really want to get glowing?  Go for a swim in the ocean now that the weather is warmer or find a salt water pool in your neighborhood that can accommodate you.  I find that unless you’re really a “swimmer” not enough of us find ourselves getting a bit of exercise or simply having fun floating in clear, blue, salty waters.  Salt does wonders for your skin and the light activity will help too!


5. Eat Your Water

We all know we’re supposed to drink enough water, but it’s nice knowing we can munch away to hydrate also.  So what are the foods with more than 90% water content in them?  Cucumbers win at around 97% water content, the most out of any solid food.  After that look to celery, radishes, tomatoes, cauliflower, green pepper, and watermelon!

This post is sponsored by Guerlain and Style Coalition.