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[infobox subtitle=”In-Shower Moisturizers” bg=”teal” color=”white” opacity=”on” space=”30″ link=”no link”]Rejuvenate Your Skin[/infobox] We still have some major PTSD from that brutal winter we had. Don’t get us started on our distrust of the weather forecast because we wouldn’t be surprised if it still snowed this month. Still, it seems like spring is finally here. And let us tell you — we’re prayin’ and prayin’ that it’s truly here to stay because after so many months of cold weather, our skin is frantically trying to adjust. It hasn’t been easy, but that’s why in-shower moisturizers come in clutch this spring.

In-shower moisturizers are exactly what their name describes. They add an extra layer to protect your skin in the shower. Though they feel similar to regular body wash products, in-shower moisturizers have more of an oil consistency so they have a longer effect. They can get a bit messy, but that’s half the fun, right?

We talk about the importance of moisturizing all the time (motto: luv yourself and moisturize) so you can imagine how excited we were when we discovered these puppies. If you’re with us on this front, and you’re ready to reinvigorate your shower routine, stop feeling the effects of winter weather with in-shower moisturizers. Simply wash, apply, rinse and you’re ready to go with baby-like skin. Curious? Try one of our favorites…

Aveeno Moisturizing Shower & Bath Oil 



Olay Ultra Moisture In-Shower Body Lotion



Nivea In-Shower Hydrating Body Lotion




Are you dying to try in-shower moisturizers? Any other products you use to hydrate your skin? Let us know in the comments below!

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