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[infobox subtitle=”” bg=”purple” color=”white” opacity=”on” space=”30″ link=”no link”]Bubble Bathin’ [/infobox] We can’t all look as chic as Coca Rocha or half as cool as Kate Moss or Cara Delevingne in a bathub. But y’all have seen “The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath,” right? We’re obsessed with this Friends episode not just because Chandler Bing is comedic gold (If the Beatles were an episode of Friends, Chandler is the Paul McCartney of the crew), but also because Chandler discovers and falls in love with bubble baths. That’s right, bubble baths — the ultimate savior after a long day.

"The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath," Season 8, Episode 13 // NBC

Maybe this doesn’t need saying, but we couldn’t think of a better afternoon than one where we get to light a candle and take a nice long dip. Of course, there are some definite do’s and don’ts when drawing a bath, which Chandler learned the wrong way. He says: “I drew my own bath, but I did it wrong! The water’s tepid. The salt didn’t dissolve and is now… lodged places. And the scents I used don’t compliment each other. Eucalyptus and chamomile—Oh!” If you can’t draw a bath to save your life, boy do we have good news for you (and Chandler) — you truly only need one or two products to have a luxurious bubble bath, and we’ve gathered some of our favorite below.

Want to take an extra step? Make your own body scrub and use it during your bath to give your skin an extra glow. New Sunday ritual resolved.

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Featured image: Coco Rocha photographed by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Numero #94 July 2008

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